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Friday - November 10, 2023

Copyright: Thalia Programmkino Potsdam

A warmly welcome you to the Thalia Programm Kino Potsdam!

The Thalia Kino Potsdam opened its doors in 1918, the same year the Berlin Deaf Stage Club was founded. This is one of the reasons why we are more than happy to experience a part of cinema history here with you.

Thalia Programm Kino
Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße 50
14482 Potsdam


Public transport

S-Bahn S7 (Potsdam <-> Ahrensfelde)
Station S Babelsberg
Tram 94 / 99
Station Wattstraße
Bus 690 / 693 / 694
Station Rathaus Babelsberg
Station Horstweg / Großbeerenstraße
Nightbus N14 / N 15 / N17
Station Rathaus Babelsberg
Station Horstweg / Großbeerenstraße

There are no parking areas available. That’s why we recommend to you to use the public transport system.

You can find further information on transport connections here.

Saturday - November 11, 2023

Copyright: Metropolis Halle Potsdam

We welcome you to the Metropolis Halle Potsdam!

The Metropolis Halle is directly connected to the Filmpark Babelsberg and is an integral part in the film history of the media city Babelsberg. Which place would be more suitable for the della AWARD 2023? Certainly none? We think so too and are looking forward to the award ceremony together with you and an international audience during the gala evening.

Metropolis Halle
Großbeerenstraße 200
14482 Potsdam


Public transport

Bahnlinie RE7 (Wünsdorf-Waltstadt <-> Dessau Hbf)
Station Medienstadt Babelsberg, 5 minutes walking distance
Bahnlinie RB33 (Wannsee <-> Jüterborg)
Station Medienstadt Babelsberg, 5 minutes walking distance
S-Bahn S7 (Potsdam Hbf <-> Ahrensfelde)
Station Griebnitzsee, further on with
Bus 696
Station Babelsberg / Station Potsdam Hbf, continue with 
Bus 601 / 609
Station Filmpark

For parking please use the parking area next to the Metropolis Halle.

You can find further information on transport connections here.