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You are a film enthusiast and are just waiting for an opportunity to show your films?

Then the della AWARD 2023 is the perfect place for you:
We will present your nominated films in our film competition!

How can you participate?

For the della AWARD 2023 you can submit feature films and documentaries up to 90 minutes or short films up to 20 minutes in length. You can do this by mail or online starting on November 01, 2022.

The deadline for submissions is May 31th, 2023.

The announcement of the nominated films will take place on early July 2023.

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Send us the following application documents:

1.Your documentary, feature film ( max. 90 minutes each) or short film (max. 20 minutes).

2. The film format must be at least FULL HD and at most 4K. All common file formats are accepted such as MP4, AVI, .mov, .mxf.

3. Subtitles in separate SRT Format

4. Film Synopsis with complete staff and cast list.

5. Complete cinematography and biography of the director

6. Recent photo of the director

7. A selection of at least 3 photos taken from the movie

8. A film/cinema poster in A1 format and a corresponding file.


Per Post:
Zentrum für Kultur und visuelle Kommunikation
der Gehörlosen Berlin / Brandenburg e.V.
Wetzlarer Straße 18
14482 Potsdam



Per E-Mail:
wetransfer.com to contest@della-award.com

We are looking forward to your submissions!


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della AWARD 2023

  1. Feature films and documentaries submitted must not exceed 90 minutes in length and short films are limited to 20 minutes.
  2. The film must be related to DEAF issues as well as the sign language community.
  3. The producer has to be at least 18 years old.
  4. Only one film may be submitted per production and producer.
  5. Only own productions or productions for which the producer owns the rights may be submitted.
  6. The producer transfers the film’s copyrights to the Festival Management and the sponsor/organizer of the della AWARD 2023. lt will be free of charge for the duration of the submission until the end of the event. This also includes the copyrights for footage taken during the event and published through various media. After the end of the della AWARD 2023, the validity of the transfer of rights expires automatically, unless other agreements are made between the producer:in and the organizer, which must be in writing. The right to the immutability of one’s own work remains unaffected by this regulation.
  7. Producers, distributors or other organizations registering a film must assure that third parties involved in the production agree to their participation in the festival.
  8. No film may be withdrawn from the Festival program after its participation has been announced.
  9. In case of infringement of any rights, the submitter of the film is exclusively liable. The various bodies of della AWARD 2023 (including the festival management and the sponsor/organizer) cannot be held liable.
  10. Any violation of the aforementioned conditions will result in the immediate disqualification of the application or the production, respectively, and the exclusion from the della AWARD 2023.
  11. The submitted application does not constitute a guarantee of participation.

12. Submitted films that have not been nominated for the program of the della AWARD 2023 film festival will be deleted or destroyed. A return is excluded.

13. The awarding of the prizes takes place exclusively in person during the della AWARD 2023. Should the person be unavailable, another person can accept the prize on behalf of the winner. The prizes will not be mailed.

 14. The festival management is to decide on all questions that are not included in these regulations.

15. Legal action is prohibited.