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Dear friends of the della Award, below you will find a selection of pictures from our wonderful della weekend!


Thalia Kino

The opening of the Film Festival will be at the Thalia cinema in Potsdam-Babelsberg. The cinema with its more than 100-year history is exclusively available for the festival. At this place we roll out the red carpet and show you a varied program with all nominated films throughout the day. The foyer and café offer space to linger, relax, discuss and speculate. Who is your favorite for one of the wonderful della Awards ...? We look forward to a day of cinema together!

Studio Babelsberg

We invite you to a place with over 100 years of tradition: Studio Babelsberg was founded in 1912, making it the oldest large-scale studio in the world and the cradle of German film. Today it is still one of the leading locations for the creation of feature films, TV, streaming- and advertising productions in Europe. Countless well-known directors have worked in the traditional studio halls, actors and actresses have become world stars in Babelsberg and now the della AWARD will see the light of day. Once again, history is being made in Babelsberg.


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